All NFT element submissions must be validated before listing on the marketplace. To mint your element on the blockchain, it needs a positive vote from 60% of the validators.
Guidelines for Submissions:
  • Submissions can be almost anything, but they should be well-described and tagged.
  • Label your submission as "ORIGINAL" if you created it and can prove its authenticity. "FAKE" if it's sourced from the internet but you've added relevant tags and descriptions.
  • "ORIGINAL" memes are unique creations, not taken from the internet. We'll validate its authenticity.
  • "FAKE" memes aren't original but can be valuable if they're well-tagged and described.
Validator Guidelines:
  • Avoid duplicates.
  • Ensure a clear description.
  • Use relevant tags.
  • Maintain high quality.
  • Categorize correctly.