Original Memes?

Understanding Memes and Authenticity on OpenMeme

The world of memes is vast and ever-evolving, but a common challenge is tracing their origins. Often, the creators remain anonymous or unknown. At OpenMeme, we're dedicated to building the most comprehensive and high-quality meme database. To make this a reality and ensure our users have a delightful experience, we've established the following guidelines:

Internet-Sourced Memes: Users are free to upload and mint NFTs from any high-quality meme or content they discover online. However, it's essential to note that unless verified, these will not be labeled as "ORIGINAL." We aim to ensure transparency and give credit where it's due.

Original NFTs: For those who have crafted unique characters, templates, or any content fitting our ecosystem, there's an opportunity to mint it as an "ORIGINAL" NFT. If you can prove its authenticity through due diligence, and it passes our validation process, your content will be recognized as original. Naturally, original creations hold more value compared to replicated or sourced content.

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