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Openmeme is an upcoming community-driven meme sharing ecosystem, fit for the highest standards of Web 3.0. Building on the success of our previous meme-related projects (kwejk.pl, jbzd.com.pl), we’re creating the most vibrant meme community on the Internet, full of super attractive rewards for contributing.

Seamlessly integrating NFT minting and trading with social aspects, Openmeme sets out to revolutionize the way we think about memes. We’re giving memes real, tangible value, and only the community decides on what each piece is worth.

We’re making it possible for meme creating and sharing to become a daily job. Openmeme lets creators monetize memes effectively, just like with every other kind of content. What’s more, with Meme Families we also aim to fairly reward the original creators of iconic memes and characters (eg. Matt Furie, the original creator of Pepe, can own the Pepe Family and earn royalties from every variation of the Pepe meme).

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