NFT Elements

Understanding Elements on OpenMeme: From Internet Finds to Original Creations

At OpenMeme, elements can be sourced in two distinct ways:

1. Internet-Sourced Elements: These are elements picked up from the vast expanse of the internet. While you can submit any element that hasn't been previously added, it's crucial not to claim ownership unless it's genuinely your creation.

2. Original Elements: Proud of a meme or graphic you've crafted? Submit it as an original! These elements undergo a different approval process and are distinctly showcased in both the open collection and the generator.

The Submission Process:

  1. Submit Your Element: Whether it's an internet find or an original creation, start by submitting it.

  2. Await Validator Approval: Our team of validators will review your submission to ensure it meets our criteria.

  3. Minting: Once approved, head over to your profile to mint the element. Do note that minting requires GAS fees.

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